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Applications for Hydraulic Gauges

Jan. 15, 2019

The mobile hydraulics industry has a long history of using hydraulic gauges as instrumentation on construction machinery, agriculture and forestry machinery, and material handling equipment. This gauge is used because it can withstand the extreme vibration and shock from the machinery. The stationary hydraulics industry uses hydraulic gauges for instrumentation on machinery like presses, stamping machines, rolling machines, and forming machines because of the extreme pressure spikes and surges from the hydraulic systems.

A new and growing application for hydraulic gauges is for portable equipment. Hydraulic gauges are being used on portable hydraulic power packs that generate high hydraulic pressure for hydraulic tools, which include torque wrenches, jacks and shears. Hydraulic gauges are also being used in portable compressors for construction tools and equipment, as well as being used in portable pumps for reservoir drainage, irrigation systems and storm water handling.

The reason the hydraulic gauge is ideal for all these applications is because they all involve extreme vibration, pulsation and shock, which usually renders standard pressure gauges useless, leaving machinery and equipment inoperable until a replacement gauge can be been found. For this very reason, firefighting truck manufactures will only specify hydraulic gauges for their panel gauges to read water pump pressure because they know firefighters demand that their equipment works 100% of the time, with no exceptions

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